This Post Title Is Not a Line in Someone Else’s Poem

7 Jan

I’m not sure what I’m going to do here besides wonder what I’m doing here, wondering why I’m not doing it there. Below this post an archive of the now dead blooger VNTY’SGRVYRD, my killing that blog a puny symbolic gesture in service of a daydream to de-google as puny symbolic gesture. That’s Momcat as banner, it may or not change, I have inviolable formatting rules at BLCKDGRD, now cemented by google malfunction (the now dead VNTY’SGRVYRD’s template can be updated, RDGDKCLB’s template can be updated, BLCKDGRD’s template can’t be updated), I resent corporate inviolable formatting rules preventing me enforcing my inviolable formatting rules, so I’m here, where I’ll be writing about my exploration to find my favorite templates, colors, fonts, content in search of new inviolable formatting rules. I may post others’ poetry and Fleabus photos – I sure as fuck hope not.

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